Since #GamerGate was dragged into all this by people claiming it was enlisted to rig the Hugos, an update:

Don’t let the title fool you: the “GamerGate event” was actually just one two-part panel held at a larger event — the Southeast Regional conference for the SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL JOURNALISTS.

You know, the folks who write and curate the core ethical guidelines which most mainstream media adhere to.  Yeah, they were run out of their own venue by people who didn’t want them having a discussion on media ethics with #GamerGate.

Multiple bomb threats were sent, but not to the event itself (which prepared for the possibility regardless, since a previous GG event in Washington D.C. had likewise been hit with bomb scares to chase them out of a bar).  Instead, they were sent to the Miami police directly, in what amounts to a form of mass-“swatting”.

Already, there are people who really loathe GG claiming that the movement “was losing the debate” and so called the threats in — ignoring that at least one threat was known of (and dismissed by the event organizers) before anyone had said anything.  These claims also ignore the more pertinent reality:

SPJ’s Ethics Panelist agreed with almost everything #GamerGate’s representatives had to say.

1) That the claims of GG being a hate movement are based on rumor and speculation (which violates basic guidelines pertinent to “minimizing harm”).

2) That Gawker Media, one of the primary sources for these rumors and speculation, is a literal laughing-stock: “I would never quote or cite” them, said the Ethics Panelist.  Yet, Gawker outlets are a primary source in the mainstream media for this exact narrative.

3) That failing to actually investigate or interview any part of #GamerGate, relying instead on the rumors and speculation as though it were undeniable fact, is a serious failure of anyone claiming the mantle of “journalist”.

TL;DR?  #GamerGate is not the lynch mob.  Its most stringent opposition, however, is.


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